Goodgame is a collection of helpful gadgets designed to help you play the games you love in a better way. From sand timers to score sheets, Goodgame replaces common board game components with intuitive, customizable gadgets with powerful features.

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A more intelligent timer.

Flexible and easy to use, the Timer gadget combines advanced features like random times and one-tap restarting with an elegant smart display and intuitive audible ticking.

Scores you can see (and touch).

Track points effortlessly with Scores, a visual scoreboard with powerful settings to adapt to any game. Tap, hold or swipe to adjust scores quickly and accurately, then see who’s in the lead no matter what rules you’re playing by.

Dice without the hassle.

The fun new Dice gadget lets you roll up to 12 dice with any number of sides. Lock dice with a tap, and press the button or shake your phone to roll the dice with just the right amount of suspense.

A new way to pick people.

By acting as a secret selector, People solves the problem of “who gets to sit out this round” in games where one or more people are secretly chosen.

Goodgame is free to download and use, with no ads or invasive data mining. An optional $1.99 in-app purchase unlocks some advanced features and helps support development.

All Goodgame’s gadgets are customizable to fit virtually any game, and carefully designed for ease of use in groups or anywhere you play. More features and gadgets are planned for the near future – if you have a feature that would make Goodgame more useful, let me know from the About screen!

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